UCBA Press Releases

UCBA Letter to City Attorney Mike Feuer: Enforcement on Illegal Cannabis Retail Operations
City Council President Wants To Create A Municipal Bank For The Pot Industry
Honor the Will of Voters and Issue Cannabis Businesses Licenses
Over 100,000 Support New Cannabis Permitting System in Los Angeles
Pot businesses urge California to delay strict testing rules
Last-minute California cannabis industry ‘Hail Mary’ to delay July 1 transition
'Weed Apocalypse' dawns for California pot dealers on Sunday


City of Los Angeles Rules & Elections Committee Will Consider Reworking Prop D
The City of LA Schedules Committee Meetings on Prop D & MMH
Big Shift in Store for L.A. Medical Cannabis Industry With Prop D Reform
California pot retailers say state rules could force them to destroy millions of dollars' worth of product